Current Projects

It Happened Here

It Happened Here

Groups of young people aged 12-19 work together to research and recreate stories of Hackney's people and buildings, creating site-specific performances inspired by stories from across the Discover Hackney partnership.

It Happened Here tells stories of immigration and arrivals, the history of objects, buildings - and the people who lived in them from the 17th Century to the present.

In taking part in the project the young participants develop a variety of useful skills including
• Research methods
• Handling objects/artefacts
• Devising performance with professionals
• Archives and Heritage
• Architecture and the Built Environment

It Happened Here is led by Hoxton Hall, and involves the Geffrye Museum, the Building Exploratory and other Partners.
To get involved or see a performance contact Hayley White (Hoxton Hall Group Director) at or phone 0207 684 0060 for dates and locations.

Images:  Bob Baker Ashton 2009