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Horticultural Hackney

Horticultural Hackney

Horticultural Hackney is Discover Hackney's latest project which will explore the horticultural heritage of the borough.

In spite of its location in inner London, Hackney is a place that glories in its parks and open spaces, and has a population of dedicated gardeners.

Discover Hackney's Horticultural Hackney project will celebrate the borough's rich horticultural heritage, from Joachim Conrad Loddiges' nursery and botanical garden founded in 1816 to modern day allotments, community gardens, pop-up gardens, and horticultural projects of all types and sizes. Today, Hackney's diverse community brings together people from all over the world who have brought unique skills and plants to the area.

This project will aim to document Hackney's horticultural heritage and facilitate skill-sharing. If you are interested in getting involved, email us.

Image some rights reserved by Martin Deutsch.

The Hackney Society have created an interesting article about Allotments in Hackney During WWI. Click here to download the pdf.